Buesing Deer Processing in Westhoff Texas

Deer & Exotic Meat Processing | Texas Wild Game Processing

We process Texas whitetail and mule deer, elk, moose, antelope, caribou, big horn sheep, mountain goat, and wild boar.

Buesing Dry Sausage and Deer Jerky

Packaging, Labeling & Freezing

All steaks are boneless and include Tenderloins (whole), or cut into steaks. We recommend a thickness of 3/4 inch and we package for a family of three (approximately 1-1/2 lb packs). Roasts come from the shoulders, are approximately 3 lb each. Shank and neck meat are ground for burger, sausage, and/or jerky. An average animal will yield about 55% of the hanging weight (based on care taken in the field).

All steaks and roasts are vacuum packed (NOT FREEZER WRAPPED) to ensure freshness & longevity. All packs are professionally labeled with the animal type and type of cut. All meat is packaged and frozen immediately.

Vacuum sealing and freezing are included in our price per pound.

Buesing Butcher shop and deer and exotic game processing


Deer and venison meat processing chart


For your convenience, Buesing Deer & Exotic Wild Game Processing is open seasonally, from late August to the end of February each year.

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